Tuesday, September 2, 2014

a brand new spirit

"Senang laa..cuma akak nak nasihat dayah dah pilih jalan nie buruk baik nanti tempuh ye. Kt mana2 tempat kerja ada baik dan buruk dia. Ada suka dan duka..yang penting camne kita bawa diri kita." -kak fara-

Ya, inshaAllah akak. I'll try my best to be the best employee ever.

Tomorrow will be a brand new day at old place. That is my practical training place.

Cuma kali ni dengan azam yang baru , akan cuba bertahan dan kuat untuk mencari passion tu.

Though the circumstances might be different, because there will be no more trainee gang, I'll try my best to work in optimism and keep smiling throughout the incoming days.

May Allah ease this journey. Amin. :)

Friday, August 29, 2014



Quite long time I didn't write anything here.

And suddenly the enthusiasm to blog was ignited yesterday after I resigned as a Quality Control Officer at one of the SME company here in Malaysia.

The spirit came after I realized that I need to write my experience somewhere where other people can read it and take moral values from it. Not to show off, but to ponder upon the ibrah as much as we can.

I won't write every single details of the incidence here. But i will just point out the moral values. 

1. Make friends with your officemates. Be friendly and open, though some of them might not be such an 'open' for you. 

2. When you got task such as watching out foreigner doing their job, don't get scared. Have faith that Allah will protect you. Hehe. This happened to me on the very first day I came. But eventually , I get closed with them. Boleh jadi kawan rapat lagi..haha. lagi rapat dengan orang2 nepal tu berbanding officemates yg berbangsa Melayu tu.huh! 
Walaupun tak lama, tapi sepanjang kerja dgn org2 nepal ni, diorang takdela teruk pn, diorang bila arahkan sekali, terus buat apa yg disuruh.diorang ok je bila kita pun baik dgn diorang. (Ok ni kt tempat tula, kat tempat lain i dont know). Cuma kena kasi tegas sikit supaya mereka tak 'pijak kepala' kita. 

3. When you became a manager, please ambil berat pasal orang bawahan. Lagi2 kalau satu department tu ada 4 org je org bawahan, bukan ramai pun kan, boleh jadi family lagi. Jadi pemimpin yg prihatin bukan yang hanya tahu mengarah sana sini. 
Though I was only a Qc, there was a feeling and I can say it is a dream of mine where I wanna bring those nepals and people of my department to get close to like a happy family. It just that the big barrier between us is the language spoken and some people of the department berasa diri dia tinggi sangat compare dengan pekerja production line. 
When you're working happily like a family, i strongly believe segala onak duri dan cabaran akan ditempuhi bersama..dan takkan letak kata2 tersebut hanya sekadar motto company.
But unfortunately, I couldn't bear any longer working with them, so that dream terkubur camtu je.

4. Some fresh grads might facing dilemmas in determining their future careers.  And I am one of them. I’m still searching what is my strength and what do I have to give to ummah and my country.
I wanna die by leaving something beneficial for ummah.
When you find your target, you’ll never tired working on it. I really want to live a life chasing the rewards of akhirah.

5. I start my journey of soul-searching by referring to my hobby, which is reading and collecting food science books. I do not know where it will lead me to, perhaps becoming one of the academician like a lecturer? Ohh, I really don't know. I pray that Allah will guide me through. Amin. J